Avoid Over Pouring Pour’N Save Wine Gauges Makes it Easy for Staff to do Accurate Pours

Tustin, CA, May 02, 2012 – Cal-Conn Innovations, the leading company in wine portion control, is proud to introduce a way to measure wine per glass with Pour’N Save Wine Gauges.

Designed to help establishments that serve wine, save money, by avoiding over pouring. Pour’N Save Wine Gauges makes it easy for staff to do accurate pours avoiding profit loss.

Pour’N Save wine gauges are made to be an inexpensive solution starting at under $100. Prices slightly higher in Canada. Easy to set up, easy to maintain and durably made of brushed stainless steel. Also available in a brass finish. Dishwasher safe and simple to use for staff.

“Measuring wine saves you at least $1 for every over pour. Measuring your wine should be your number one project in order to prevent over pouring, the number one profit killer in the restaurant bar business”, explains Howie Subnick, inventor Of the Pour’N Save Wine Gauges.

Model 1-NE holds three different stemware and each can have a separate portion. Model 1-OL holds three of the same stemware and all receive the same portion.

Some of Pour’N Save clients include California Pizza Kitchen, Wolfgang Puck Express, Cherokee Indian Nation Casino and the list goes on. There are approximately 2,650 units in use in the United States and Canada.

For more information or to purchase a unit please call (714) 505-5805 PST or hdsubnick@aol.com.

Pour’ N Save Wine Gauges saves you money while increasing profits.

Be one of the thousands using this money saving device. You’ll thank us!