restaurant wine gaugeSingle-Level Gauge
Model 1-0L

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Tri-Level Wine Gauge
Model 1-NE

The Tri Pour ‘N Save has now come up with a tri-level measuring gauge for per glass wine sales. This unit can be used for reds and whites and even samplers. Three measuring calipers rise up or down, independently, to any level you so desire. What a tremendous way to eliminate over-pouring, the biggest profit killer in the wine business. Made of stainless steel, the unit fits in with the bar and its accessories. You may at sometime want to change stemware. Go ahead, you wont have to change the Pour ‘N Save wine gauge. Just readjust it to fit your stemware. Better than having to wash carafes and replacing them when they break. Get rid of the etched glass, very old hat. This unit will pay for it self in less than 45 days. Join the thousands of contented bar and restaurant owners who own a Pour ‘N Save wine gauge

The Tri-Level Wine Measuring Gauge holds stemless wine glasses as well as regular stemware.



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